To Cities Burning

Paris, your tears have not yet dried
And Brussels begins her keening.
Shining tears and shining shards fall
Bright as shadows embrace Europe.
Already we are quieter, the second
Time is not so shocking, slapping
The world awake. We’re all aware.
We’re watching with glassy eyes
As atrocity sinks into normality.
To cities burning we say little,
let little gasps suffice, we whisper –

Oh terror, you don’t terrify us
Much while the sea still separates.



World of Wanderers

Our feet all ache to journey
Through airports full of wanderers
To be airlifted over open oceans
While we bid adieu to homelands.
To sink toes deep in unseen soil,
Let our shallow roots re-anchor
And grow within a golden scene
Foreign, fresh and undiscovered.

We’re all restless to uncover
Vistas boring to another, walking
Past the backdrop too discovered.
One discards the living painting we
Have rushed across a world to see.
Time-blurred beauty whispers wishes
For wings to let this other also wander.