One look and my apparel
becomes a box within
your mind, I fall down
and hide behind a label.

I grow smaller as the cardboard
morphs to wood to concrete
image of all I do, believe, am.
All that I wearing is a sign
understood, writing on the box.

You know my kind,
You know me.
The lid shudders shut.

Five seconds and my face
has vanished into some
corner of the enclosure.
I haven’t even said a word,
and now my voice is trapped
where you will never hear it:
safe in sound-proof



There are story lines in minds
More memorable than memory
More real than lived reality.
We are all written to stumble after
Faulty fantasy but never catch it,
For this is the brokenness of imagining:
The very moment we see clearly
The look, the face, the sparkling place
It folds away into impossibility.
A door locks, there is no key.
What we inwardly live so vividly
Can never be.

(And such is mercy, really,
For we short-sighted scribes
Would stifle and shrink our souls
And bind ourselves in a tangling
Web of threads plucked from tapestry.)

To Hope,

You renegade with feathers
flying fast where I can’t follow,
free to float above reality.
You mock my anchoring gravity,
For your reckless energy can’t
Propel me up to skies not mine –
Your longings do not lift me.
Come down, calm down,
For I can’t bear to lose you yet

I know that I can’t trust you
Little songbird, flying blind.


The lamp glow scoops
a hole out of darkness
for my steps to fall into

The snow prints shadows
of my feet to remember
me by white slates broken

These are all my paths
soft strides in blurred light
trails of imprints seeking