Portrait of a Girl in a Yellow Dress

The brightness of red hair, the brightness of a bubbling heart – she is the girl blowing dandelion dust and spinning dizzy circles in green grass, still living alive at twenty-one. Heart-shaped face, fair skin, eyes like sky reflected in sunlit puddles. She belongs to the sunshine and she spills it out recklessly in exuberant words, in rippling laughter. Beneath the yellow lies a golden heart. Beneath the high-floating happy notes hum deeper chords, clearly heard by one who leans in to listen.


A Portrait of Tigga Watson

The name of a heroine and a look to match – springing autumn hair restrained to braids, soulful eyes that snap with life beneath decisive brows, a vast raincoat of navy blue. Something like the sea or like a sailor, strong and real and distant. She knows storms, knows that adventure both glows and groans and still she steps forward, those golden ocean-wave eyes open wide. She feels the waves’ churning to the depths of her soul, the blessing and the burden of she who loves much.